Thousands Remember Satmar Grand Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum

KIRYAS JOEL, N.Y. -- Thousands of people are in the Village of Kiryas Joel this weekend as they celebrate the life of Grand Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum. He's considered by many to be the main builder of religious Jewish life in America after the Holocaust.

Members of the Hasidic Jewish community from around the world are marking the 34th anniversary of his death in Kiryas Joel this weekend. Teitelbaum survived a concentration camp in World War Two and eventually moved to Orange County, forming the Village of Kiryas Joel, which bears his name.

"His legacy is growing every year by the growth of the community, so this is why it's so significant to celebrate this day. Because even though the years are passing by, the community is growing, so his legacy is growing and his teachings are taught to more and more children and more and more generations and more and more families," said Kiryas Joel resident Isaac Schnitzler.

About 60,000 people have come to the village this weekend to pay their respects.