Dear viewers and fellow CoolJewers,

As technology has improved, we’ve been surprisingly behind on the times, so we are excited to announce the long awaited, and highly anticipated revamping of THECOOLJEW! Please excuse us as the site undergoes construction, we have implemented a temporary new look before we role out our new design over the next few weeks.

At around midnight on December 31st, 2005 the TheCoolJew domain name was purchased from a laptop while waiting for a flight at the San Francisco Airport after a highly successful Winter camp. A camp counselor looking for an easy way to keep in touch with his teen campers, came up with the idea and thus THECOOLJEW.COM was born.

Over time, as things progressed, the site became increasingly popular with the campers which eventually led to include the general public. Since then, has become an integral online destination in the frum community as a place to find viral videos and information on the web. Since its inception, our site has gone through extensive redesigns with currently over 5,000 daily views from Jews all over the world.

It’s been a long time coming, and now comes the big news as is being taken to the next level!  Over the next few months, the site will be completely overhauled and given a fresh new facelift. During the wait, you are sure to enjoy the same greats videos and articles, so don’t worry! Once the new site launches we will be adding many new features including: a username/password login system, classifieds posting, community calendars, featured daily deals, a platform for easier video viewing, message board, and many more. We’re sure you will come to love the new site more than ever as we look to conquer a whole new spectrum of features.

New year, new site! Our new look is scheduled to appear right before Rosh Hashannah - so keep your eyes open. We look forward to continue being a leader in your online Frum Entertainment until Moshiach & Beyond!


  1. "roll out" not "role out"

  2. My eyes are closing, can't keep them open any more longer...