Lubavitcher Shliach Leads Senate Prayer on Gimmel Tammuz

Veteran shliach Rabbi Moshe Feller, Director of Upper Midwest Merkos Chabad Lubavitch opened the United States Senate on Tuesday, Gimmel Tammuz mentioning the fulfillment of one of the seven Noahide laws and praying that the merit of the Rebbe on the Yom Hilulo bless the country, which the Rebbe referred to as a “Country of kindness”.

Rabbi Feller has opened the senate many times and in 5749 the Rebbe asked that he share his prayers with other shluchim and leaders who open events with prayers. The Rebbe remarked that he liked the prayer which is the “opening” of the Senate session and especially the “opening of the opening” referring to the sheva mitzvos – the seven Noahide laws.

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  1. Where is the hat, i don't think the Rebbah would be happy...